400 palabras más utilizadas en ingles

Hace algún tiempo encontré en varios blogs que mencionaban algo que me llamó mucho la atención, decían que según investigadores de Oxford, aprender las 100 palabras más utilizadas aseguraba comprender el 50% de este idioma, y si adicionalmente se agregan 100 sustantivos, 100 verbos y 100 adjetivos se podía comprender el 75% de los textos en ingles.

Esta información la encontré en forma de imágenes, pero he querido transcribirla a tablas para una fácil impresión y manipulación de la información.

Sin más preámbulo:

100 Palabras más utilizadas en inglés

1-25 26-50 51-75 76-100
The They When Come
Be We Make Its
To Say Can Over
Of Her Like Think
And She Time Also
And Or No Back
Up An Just After
That Will Him Use
Have My Know Two
I One Take How
It All People Out
For Would Into Work
Not There Year First
On Their Your Well
With What Good Way
He So Some Even
As Up Could New
You Out Them Want
Do If See Because
At About Other Any
This Who Than These
But Get Then Give
His Which Now Day
By Go Look Most
From Me Only Us

100 Sustantivos más utilizados en inglés

1-25 26-50 51-75 76-100
Time Program Side Back
Year Question Kind Parent
People Work Head Face
Way Government House Others
Day Number Service Level
Man Night Friend Office
Thing Point Father Door
Woman Home Power Health
Life Water Hour Person
Child Room Game Art
World Mother Line War
School Area End History
State Money Member Party
Family Story Law Result
Student Fact Car Change
Group Month City Morning
Country Lot Community Reason
Problem Right Nmae Research
Hand Study President Girl
Part Book Team Guy
Place Eye Minute Moment
Case Job Idea Air
Week Word Kid Teacher
Company Business Body Force
System Issue Information Education

100 Verbos más utilizados en inglés

1-25 26-50 51-75 76-100
Be Call Believe Allow
Have Try Hold Add
Do Ask Bring Spend
Say Need Happen Grow
Go Feel Must Open
Can Become Write Walk
Get Leave Provide Win
Would Put Sit Offer
Make Mean Stand Remember
Know Keep Lose Love
Will Let Pay Consider
Think Begin Meet Appear
Take Seem Include Buy
See Help Continue Wait
Come Talk Set Serve
Could Turn Learn Die
Want Start Change Send
Look Might Lead Expect
Use Show Undestand Build
Find Hear Watch Stay
Give Play Follow Fall
Tell Run Stop Cut
Work Move Create Reach
May Like Speak Kill
Should Live Read Remain

100 Adjetivos más utilizados en inglés

1-25 26-50 51-75 76-100
Other Public Certail Serious
New Sure Personal Ready
Good Low Open Simple
High Early Red Left
Old Able Difficult Physical
Great Human Available General
Big Local Likely Environmental
American Late Short Financial
Small Hard Single Blue
Large Major Medical Democratic
National Better Current Dark
Young Economic Wrong Various
Different Strong Private Entire
Back Possible Past Close
Long Whole Foreign Legal
Little Free Fine Religious
Important Military Common Cold
Political True Poor Final
Bad Federal Natural Main
White International Sinificant Green
Real Full Similar Nice
Best Special Hot Huge
Right Easy Dead Popular
Social Clear Central Raditional
Only Recent Happy Cultural

Espero que las sepamos todas y si no: ¡A aprenderlas!

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