Alerty: New platform for monitoring and alerting

In Kurlabs, we have worked for some months to create a new service for monitoring and alerting, this service has a particular story and state:


We always have had a problem for monitoring websites, before, We used some tools like Zabbix, but, I guess it is an old and big project, we developed some python scripts too, but, it's not scalable for multiples customers.

Some months ago, we would like to find a SAAS service, but we found pretty complex tools (like Suites) with multiples features like Error Reporting, Monitoring, Alerting (All in One), so, it's expensive.


Development a simple service for monitoring and alerting, with Inputs like Domain, sockets, services (Mysql, Mongo, Postgres), endpoints, and Outputs like Email, SMS, Slack, etc.


Right now we are working to realize an MVP with the next features:
Monitoring domains
Monitoring Sockets
Alerting via Email
Alerting via SMS

Early Users:

We are looking for users to test all the features. If you want to check this project you can click on:

Alerty: Monitoring and Alerting platform

Juan Pablo Arias

I constantly discover new technologies and ways to improve IT processes. I'm a fan of automation. I like programming, but my passion is cloud computing.